Musiktherapie-Initiative e.V.

The idea to found an association sprang from the „refugee project“ in Hamburg. Working with the refugees made evident that there are hardly any possibilities to join a music therapy group outside the clinical setting in Germany. Especially patients who would profit from music therapy most, cannot afford it.

The association was found in November 2013 and since then lots happened. The association is now working in several first aid refugee camp sites in Hamburg. We are offering singing groups and workshops where refugees can built there own instrument. We are also constantly on the look-out for new funding ideas.

Our next big step will be to raise money to provide music therapy to refugees with traumatic experiences in a long-term setting.

Also – we are going to present our work at the European Music Therapy Conference 2016 in Vienna. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

If you would like to get more information about the Musiktherapie-Initiative e.V. please email